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The Liquid Network

Doug right here, writing to you from the set of 30 Rock to share a bit company lovin' with you. Why? Simply because I take pride in sharing information and possibilities.

But possibly you are acquainted with the fear that other individuals are going to steal your data and as a result your opportunities. "If I tell this guy regarding the excellent cartoon VoiceOver class I'm taking, he may become better than me." "If I let this callgirls Berlin next to me have a look at my audition book, she's going to steal my songs." I get it. This can be a competitive industry and we need to have that edge. But imagine, my pals, that once you walk into that audition or class or casting workshop, that you're not walking into a space packed with rivals, but entering a space filled with supportive colleagues.

Not too long ago, I was listening to a TED Talks podcast "Where Excellent Concepts Come From" with Steven Berlin Johnson, an author of six books on the intersection of science, technology and individual encounter. Within this lecture, Johnson challenged the notion that great suggestions come from a single particular person sitting alone in their study having a "Eureka!" moment. As an alternative, he says, they flourish inside a coffee residence environment- "where you've lots of different suggestions which are with each other, different backgrounds, different interests jostling with one another, bouncing off of each other. That environment, is in reality, the atmosphere that results in innovation." Johnson calls this fluid exchange of concepts The Liquid Network. So, actors, how can we create this liquid network for ourselves? Effectively, 1 outstanding way is by putting with each other a mastermind group of the colleagues. I'm on a get in touch with with fellow VoiceOver artists each and every two weeks and we talk about market trends, the way to turn non-union function into union work, how you can maintain ourselves on our agents' radars, and significantly a lot more. We voice actors on the call are all inside the exact same field, but have distinct sufficient goals and levels of experience to turn out to be that crucial "Universal Mind" for one yet another and supply ideas we wouldn't have discovered sitting by ourselves.

Who would this group be for you? Entrepreneurs? People that practice film copy? Musical Theater ladies? Off-Broadway Stage Managers? Get in there, LISTEN TO and learn out of your colleagues, and assist one another attain your targets!

Time for any bit of practicing what I preach, since for the first couple of paragraphs, I was sitting inside a space complete of fellow actors, working alone on my laptop on an write-up about exchanging concepts. So, I've stepped out to meet several folks and, within the spirit of sharing data, I asked a few of my fellow 30 Rock cohorts to share their greatest pieces of advice:


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